Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the most beautiful states in the United States, prominent across the country as well as around the globe.

The land of the music has been producing the excellent music artist from since 18th century. The pioneer of the local music the Tennessee is the collection and preserve of the old music are the cause of the visitors attraction towards the Tennessee.

Apart of the local music artifacts, Tennessee has the distinction in the naturally beautiful places. Below we’ve listed the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Tennessee.

10- Downtown Knoxville

One of the 10 best places to visit in Tennessee is Knoxville. The Knoxville is much popular place in Tennessee because of its historical value. The historical museum and the square market are the sources of people gathering since 1863 after the civil war.

Downtown Knoxville is famous for it’s many of attractions as it provides a lot of opportunities to the visitor to do many things for fun. Despite, numerous of natural attractions in the Knoxville, there are also many men made beautiful spots visit for recreation.

Some of the most beautiful places to visit in Knoxville include the Tennesse Theater Square, marketworld fair park, Knoxville Zoo and the Sunsphere Tower.

9- Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum is another beautiful spot to visit in Tennessee. The visitors can experience the original Titanic site because water surrounds the museum; also it is a large Museum in real Titanic shape.

The Titanic Museum is considered as the biggest real existence Titanic museum in the world. You can also enjoy a lot of Titanic artifacts by visiting inside that giant vessel. The museum contains two floors including 20 galleries that also help the museum to give the final 1912 Titanic real scene to the visitors.

8- Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

As we know the U.S is the country with enriched structural art and beauty, here is another one of the top 10 best places to visit in Tennessee, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

The museum is the one of the largest museum and research center, has plenty of dialect music collections of the country, which has been preserved back in 1960’s and later on.

The museum is situated in the Nashville city in Tennessee, and the visitor can have great excitement to visit the museum and can enjoy different sort of local music of the US and can see the thousands of musical artifacts in the museum. It might be the craziest place for the music lovers to visit at and have fun.

7- Ruby Falls

There are the number of stunning spots to visit in Tennessee for amusement and among those places here is the place that can fill your dreams more than your imagination. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Tennessee is Ruby Falls, an excellent natural breathtaking site.

The place is the natural beauty attraction for the visitors, offers photography, picnic and worth seeing sights to the family and tourists. There are also many picnic spots for the families and the happy places for the children to keep themselves busy in swings.

6- Memphis Zoo and Aquarium

As I already mentioned, that the Tennessee state of US is a land of delightful beauty on the earth. Here is another place in one of the 10 best places to visit in Tennessee, the Memphis Zoo and Aquarium. As the name itself showing that a place is a fascinating place for the children. The place where families can spend their time with the child’s recreational activities. The different animal species in the zoo let the children enjoy their day with those animals they have seen in the reading book or the movie. Kids can make their day great by exploring this beautiful animal site in Tennessee.

5- The Hermitage: President Jackson’s Home

The Hermitage located on the drive of few miles from the beautiful city Nashville, and once the site was the grand house of the American seventh President the Andrew Jackson. The house is turned into the shape of museum later and now an exploring and amazing place for the visitors for the recreation.

The Hermitage is the symbol of the history, as it allows numerous historic sites to the visitors, the tomb of the president where the president and his wife were used to relaxing them. Also, the garden and the mansion of the president gives a fascinating view of the tourists and indeed a good place to visit at.


Dollywood area famous for its entertainment providing activities is located in a small town Pigeon Forge and is owned the name of the country singer and entertainer the Dolly Parton.

The most popular place in the Tennessee the Dollywood having a lot of tourist attractions and has drawn an Avg. of 3 million of visitors every year. Tourists can also have fun through the opportunities provided by the park, they can take an advantage to look into different beautiful natural views around the park, can enjoy different thrilling rides and can amuse themselves with the splashing water.

Dollywood has the featuring lot of other facilities to the visitors as there are resorts where they can stay in, also the number of yearly events held in the park which draws thousand of visitors across the country. The Dollywood provides equally fun opportunities to the people of all group ages. Surely it is one of the most attractive and beautiful places to visit in Tennessee US.

3- Memphis and Nashville

Nashville the most beautiful, top rated and one of the 10 best places to visit in Tennessee. None of the other US city is as popular as the Nashville is famous across the country for local music. It is also called the house of music, as there are the number of folks local music collections and numerous old music crafts can also be found here.

Despite fame in music, it is also the most visited place in the Tennessee due to its natural attractions, which has drawn thousand of tourists on the monthly basis. The Memphis Music Hall of Fame is the gateway to many of the star singers in the US in which Jerry Lee and the Roy Orbison are the most famous one.

Memphis surely is the great place to visit for the people who love music, as they can get the variety of music artifacts that have been preserved in the museum and that are of great interest.

2- Elvis’s Graceland

As I already have mentioned that the Memphis is the most popular place in the US concerning to music. Here it’s another place that is worth seeing in the Tennesse in the top rated and best places to visit in Tennessee.

The Elvis’s Graceland is the Elvis Presley’s residence that is as famous in Tennesse as the White House in Washington DC. The memorial places containing the number of memories of King Elvis and you can still feel close up to the King by visiting the residence of Elvis Presley’s.

Elvis Graceland is an iconic place in Tennessee, well-reputed across the US and around the globe because of the fans of Elvis Presley. Everything is as fresh as the Elvis left this world back in 1977. People use to visit the Graceland to see the statue of the Elvis and other related things to the legendary musician.

1- Smokey Mountains National Park

Nothing is as attractive as the smokey mountains not just in the Tennessee State but also in all the other States of America. While reading the list of best places to visit in Tennessee, You will see that the Smokey Mountains National Park is the best location across the US.

Smokey Mountain is a world recognized land for the variety of flora and fauna species on the earth. The Smokey Mountains is one of the best places to visit in Tennessee. The Smokey Mountain National Park has been drawing the million of tourists across the globe and providing them the best opportunities for recreation.

That is the reason why Smokey Mountains National Park is keeping it worth and considered the most beautiful place to visit in the US. Visitors can do a long hike in the mountains, vantage scenes allow guests to capture the best scenery; also visitors can do a picnic with families, visitors have the higher chance of viewing the best flora and fauna species as well. If you ever visit the Tennessee, don’t forget to visit the dazzling Smokey Mountains National Park.

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