Renting Portable Toilets

portable toilets

Portable toilets are a major part for any outdoor event in Tennessee. Whether it is a trade show or an outdoor wedding reception, your event is never complete without the portable potties.

You will find them for rent with prices ranging from $50-$175 per day. The deluxe options are slightly costlier and will come at around $200. Are you looking to rent portable toilets for your upcoming outdoor event? Well the post below offers the top tips to know when renting portable toilets.

Know the numbers

First decide on the number of toilets you will need for your event in TN. The primary thing to consider here is the number of guests. The last thing you want is a lengthy queue of unsatisfied guests due to an insufficient number of units. The other thing you will have to keep in mind is the offerings or theme of the event. For example if it’s an outdoor party with great food and beverage, you will definitely require a larger number of units.

Your renting facility may suggest you on the ideal number of portable toilets to be used based on your number of guests. The rule of thumb is one toilet for every 15-20 guests. But then you will need two additional units for the same number of guests if your event serves alcohol.

Check the amenities

Make sure your rented portable toilets are at least backed by these standard features:

  • a sanitizer dispenser
  • enough tissue paper
  • a holding tank
  • a door lock with “Open” and “In Use” indicators
  • a clean seat cover

If you will be serving food and drinks during your event, your portable toilets should come with attached hand-washing basins.

If it’s going to be a high-scale outdoor event with VIP attendees, go for deluxe toilets.

If you are going to have elderly attendees in your event, make sure your toilets (at least some of them) allow wheelchair access.

Book in advance

The renting rates could be higher if your event falls during peak season or holiday times. In fact you may be forced to pay double the regular price in such a case. To save yourself from exorbitant charges, it’s recommended to book the portable units in advance. Early booking can lead to handy discounts.

Mind the location of the portable toilet renting company

Though often ignored yet it’s one of the smartest ways to offset unnecessarily high rental charges. If the portable toilet renting center is located at a far-off location from your event facility, you will have to pay more for the transportation charge. Thus the wiser thing would be to look for a portable toilet renting facility closer to the event ground. It will help you save on transportation cost and will also reduce the overall rental charge.

These portable toilets should be placed in easily accessible areas at your event location. Get proper signage to make the area easily reachable. You should also make sure that a staff member cleans up the toilets after every 2 hours to ensure a sanitized and hygienic environment around that all the guests can enjoy.